How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day

“What’s going on?
The cancer is melting away!”

…exclaimed the South Carolina doctor who’d given his “terminal” lung cancer patient “six months to live.”

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Little did the doctor know his patient was curing her cancer at home with perhaps the most effective cancer-killing miracle food on planet earth…

…a miracle food that kills cancer better than chemo, as proven by the seven-time Nobel Prize nominee who discovered it…

…a miracle food that gives cancer patients more energy and zest for life

…a miracle food that “liquidates” cancer – melting it away without causing side effects

..a miracle food that astonishes conventional doctors, as in the following stories…

  • “Terminal” lung cancer melted away naturally: The doctor gave no hope to 80-year-old from South Carolina. He said, “We have no treatment for you. You have six months to live.” During a follow-up exam two months later the doctor asked, “What’s going on? The cancer is melting away!” Another doctor compared her before-and-after X-rays and said, “This can’t be the same woman. There’s no cancer here!”
  • “Terminal” brain cancer melted away naturally: Seventh-generation Louisiana plantation owner Richard L. checked into a hospice – a place where you go to wait for death – after a doctor gave him “two months to live.” When Richard learned about the miracle food he checked out of the hospice and cured his cancer at home! Four years later he was alive and well, gladly sharing his health secret with anyone willing to listen.
  • “Terminal” breast cancer melted away naturally: A doctor from Little Rock, Arkansas, gave Sandra G. “two months to live.” But this doctor was stunned to learn that Sandra got rid of her cancer at home. Sandra says, “This is almost embarrassing to say, but when I started on the new eating plan, it was almost like the toxins were coming out of my pores. I could kind of smell myself.”

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